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Thanks for sharing the brief with us and the references. It is a really intriguing idea about the future self.

The idea is very human, relatable and quite real to many people at the moment asking themselves existential questions about the future. Please see the directors I have in mind and some clips below.

Marcus Storm 

Marcus Storm would be an exceptional fit for the Accenture Technology project. He has a documentary background and specialises in working with real people/non-professional actors. Marcus’s aesthetic is authentic and delicate, and he has a knack for highlighting the personality and mood of his subjects, enabling him to garner real emotional responses from both the talent and the audience. Marcus is no stranger to working closely with editors. This coupled with his collaborative and enthusiastic attitude, will enable him to meet the ageing process aspect of the project head-on. 


1. Rexona - Watch Me Move [ real people, inspiring message, energetic editing, powerful message]

2. 10th April - Trailer [real story, real person, creative cinematography, powerful message, small crew]

Full Film:  10th April

3. We Are Survivors - Tatelicious [real stories, real people, documentary, nim

Joe & Tim 

Joe and Tim, are an award-winning comedy duo who are passionate about people and highlighting the shared human experience in an innovative and humorous way (check out the Babbel project). They are masters at condensing serious and sophisticated topics into easily-digestible and poignant pieces of content, which would work well with the Accenture Technology project. The director duo’s work centres around expression conveyed through the use of up-close shots, strong dialogue, and subject interaction,  which fits the Accenture Technology project. Funnily enough, the duo just completed a short film, You From The Future,  about two twenty-somethings who confront themselves from the future.  The chemistry between Joe and Tim is infectious, inspiring and humorous, which would help create a lighthearted atmosphere on set. 

4. Babbel  [real people, comedic, delightful, relatable, mixed format]

5. You From The Future [comedic, poignant, scripted, VFX]

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