Creativity driven by action

Our story

Odelay lives in the spirit of action, and we’re as proud of our creative output as we are of our considered approach to production. As one of only a handful B Corp production companies in the UK, we’re as excited about making exceptional work as we are about our ethical methodology.

We love films that never fit a mould. Every piece of work we make is bespoke, and every tiny detail is newly crafted. We’re here to facilitate your ambition with a flair for creativity.

With the help of our talented directors, we’ve worked with some of the world’s best brands, advertising agencies, and music artists. Operating in both the UK and the USA, that number continues to grow every year.

We're Odelayers through and through.

Creating pathways

We want to help enable industry experience by providing opportunities where they are scarce.We do this by supporting and working with the Creative Mentorship Network and through The Production Trust.

Odelay Films founded The Production Trust in 2018, establishing an initiative that helps promote diversity in the production industry. If you are interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you – email us here.


Sustainable Production

We apply the same spirit of action and care to how we create.

Guided by our  
10-point environmental policy we are driving down our carbon footprint and pledge to offset all unavoidable emissions. We have been operating as a carbon-neutral production company since 2021, and have remained transparent about our carbon emissions dating back to 2019, which we publish on our website annually. Check out our latest environmental policy.

You can find your company carbon footprint by using the Climax Community’s carbon calculator.

Carbon Footprint 2022

total: 162,718 kg
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